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Sarah’s Scottish Maids in Redding, CA

Sarah’s Scottish Maids was started on June 1st, 2016. The owner, Sarah Wilson, was undergoing chemotherapy and needed an immediate source of income to support her daughter and financial responsibilities. Sarah obtained a business license, liability insurance, an insurance bond and a catchy business name. She set out, on foot, and went door to door trying to find business. There were many people that she knew that immediately hired her to clean their houses and buildings. Through the trials and tribulations of cancer and chemotherapy, Sarah put sweat, blood and tears into building this business from the ground up. Sarah worked 6-7 days a week and anywhere between 4-14 hours per day, depending on her fatigue levels. She juggled her daughters school schedule, extra curricular activities and doctors appointments, all the while physically working and cleaning to build the businesses.

Sarah was able to ascertain great advise and help from a close friend in order to build the business side of the company, the cleaning was the easy part of building the business. Things slowly, but surely, came together. There was a lot of learning curves to a new business, and Sarah was 100% new at being an owner and operator of a business. However, the drive behind Sarah’s ambitious behavior was her daughter, Ava. Sarah and Ava want a life of freedom and Sarah strives to create purpose in what she does in this world.

There are many other fine details and factors that came into play with Sarah and creating this company, however, that would take too much time to type and too much time for the potential clients and current clients to read. We shall spare you the details. If you are ever interested in hearing more about Sarah’s story you are welcome to ask her anytime!

What sets this company aside from other companies in the same field? Sarah’s company strives to perfect every job that they are hired to complete. We always want to leave the clients in a happy mood after they see the work we have completed. Our goal while cleaning a house or office is attention to detail at all times. We have mastered ways to become very efficient when it comes to quickly cleaning with an emphasis on detail. We want to maintain a personal relationship and friendly atmosphere with all people we come into contact with, it’s not just business, it’s part of our lives.

Sarah hired on her team leader and manager, Tara Beebe, back in 2017. Tara is an exceptional employee and has exceeded Sarah’s expectations time after time. Tara is in charge of cleaning on a weekly basis, training new employees, helping with marketing, handling employee issues and maintaining group cohesion. As time has gone on we have hired new employees as well. The company would not be what it is today without the great people that are on Sarah’s team. Our team is growing fast and our clientele is growing high. We welcome all new clients and anyone that is ever interested in a friendly, physical and fun career please contact Sarah!

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Are you so busy?  Or do you just need some help at home? We love to clean your home! We use non-toxic chemicals on all of our services. 

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Yes! And we do windows! 

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Looking for someone to clean your office?  While you run your office, let us clean it for you. 


I looked for help last minute cleaning out our recently sold home. Not only did they offer to help me the next day, the work done exceeded my expectations! I will definitely recommend them in the future to friends and family! – Amanda via Google

Sarah’s Scottish Maids provided exceptional service for a cleaning project that included over 6,000 square feet of commercial and residential space that had been extremely neglected. Sarah Wilson’s communication was very thorough, and we are very grateful to Sarah and her team. I would highly recommend Sarah’s Scottish Maids as a trustworthy business for your cleaning needs. – Steve via Google

I have known Sarah many years. She is a ball of fire. So when I hired her maids to clean my house, I wasn’t disappointed. They were prompt and efficient.
I highly recommend Sarah’s company to clean homes. – George via Google

Sarah’s Scottish Maids

405 Redcliff Drive, Suite 210
Redding, CA 96002
(530) 209-1128